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Huntsman Firearms

Huntsman Firearms is a team of shooters who specialize in high quality, precision, custom, and long range products.
Stocked products are tailored toward the serious sporting, or professional shooter, specialist units within the military and police and tormented souls like us who have a need for high performance precision shooting equipment.

ADJA Tactical


Projectile Warehouse

Save money with Projectile Warehouse! Trying to find that perfect load for the next comp? It can get pretty expensive buying lots of packets just to try a few. Projectile Warehouse sells Australia’s largest range of development packs of projectiles in either 10 or 20 packs. Perfect for load development. Try more options, and find your perfect projectile, without breaking your budget! We stock all the major brands including Sierra, Nosler, Hornady, Lapua, Speer, Barnes, Berger and more! Also stocking full packets and other reloading equipment.

Impact Dynamics

Impact Dynamics works with rifle shooters from all over Australia to help them develop their skills, knowledge and performance in their chosen sport. Combining years of experience, we develop courses that teach the best techniques and grow an understanding of how to reach your goals. Whatever application you wish to apply them to, the fundamentals are the foundation of a good shooter. We work with competition shooters, hunters, recreational and occupational shooters. Our specialty is long range and precision rifle shooting in which we are heavily active.

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Low Vis Gear

"Task oriented, minimalist, hand crafted equipment made with quality materials & solid design concepts."

Low Vis Gear is a small, bespoke, family owned and run gear workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

We do NOT believe in the 'SPORK' concept, where a basic item tries to do too many things to the point where it fails dismally at everything. Every product we make has been developed and produced to address an equipment deficiency identified during our travels, hunting in the hills, camping, hiking, or at work.

Drawing on years of relevant industry and personal experience, our aim is to retain simplicity and core function without over complicating everything.

We take PRIDE in our products, always striving to use tough, practical & military grade materials and hardware so the gear you purchase will last a long time.

We don't plan on taking over the world or drawing too much attention. We work away in the background, in the shadows... Being low-vis.



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