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Precision Service Rifle (PSR) is a modernised form of traditional Service Rifle competition that had its genesis in Canberra in 2011. Expanding out of the ACT initially into NSW, and later Victoria, the Precision Service Rifle Series Series is a growing National Series of state based matches run to specified common conditions and courses of fire to arrive at a yearly aggregate championship ranking for participating competitors.

After consulting with PSR match organisers and representatives, a draft set of PSR rules was submitted to the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA) in July of 2019. These rules have been adopted by the NRAA as Chapter 24 of the Standard Shooting Rules (SSR’s) and were adopted effective Jan 1 2020. This now aligns PSR to the traditional home of long range shooting in Australia - the NRAA.

These matches offer competitors the chance to challenge themselves and their equipment, through a variety of varied shooting conditions and positions. The emphasis is on practical precision and problem solving through a series of timed target exposures and movements under varying overall time limits.

The match is shot in details, in teams consisting of shooting pairs, with competitors helping each other out with wind calls, fall of shot, managing gear and any other problems that present themselves throughout the match. Teamwork is a key principle with the best teams receiving placings.

Whilst there are some restrictions on equipment the underlying simple rule being that if you want to use it, you must carry it for the entire course of fire.

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